Long Form Text

Long form text is used for columns of copy meant for reading, such as a Techbook concept, a press release, article, or other descriptive material.

Building on Comet's typographic base, long form text applies vertical spacing to optimize readability and scanability of long blocks of prose.

Using Long Form Text

To use the long form text component, enclose simple HTML tags – <p>, <h2>, <li>, etc – within a enclosing block with class="comet-long-form-text". Avoid including other Comet components within the same context, instead starting and stopping each block to include just the long form text.

Class Outcome
.comet-long-form-text h1

H1 (page title)

.comet-long-form-text h2

H2 (second level header)

.comet-long-form-text h3

H3 (third level header)

.comet-long-form-text h4

h4 (fourth level header)

.comet-long-form-text p


.comet-long-form-text .comet-long-form-text__lead

Lead Paragraph

.comet-long-form-text li
  • List item
  • List item
  • List item