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This is Comet.

Comet is a scalable design system of visual language, components, and design assets encoded as and extensible from HTML & CSS starting points for use in Discovery Education digital experiences.

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Always in Style

With Comet, apply a visual style to achieve a cohesive DE look and feel with minimal effort. Use style and markup as-is or tool up with tokens, mixins, and more to build your UI as you see fit.


Comet enables you to compose a complete layout with modular component building blocks. Familiarize yourself with our most popular components before diving into the library.

Why Comet?

With Comet, Discovery Education can collaborate better, gain efficiencies, and ultimately produce a more cohesive, higher quality, scalable experience across the product portfolio.

Create Consistency

Create a more cohesive scalable experience across the product portfolio.

Increase Efficiency

Accelerate product development and improve reuse, reducing duplicative efforts.

Improve Quality

Improve design quality via a cohesive customer journey.

Start working with Comet.

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